How to Standardize and Scale Your Law Firm’s Social Media Investigations


Social media investigations and website collection is a necessary part of your defense strategy. Your law firm may even have an attorney who is well versed in conducting these investigations. But is that attorney scalable to conduct social media investigations in the same way in each and every one of your cases?

Law Firm Social Media Investigations Must be Standardized and Scalable

Conducting social media investigations and web collections is necessary for each and every one of your cases. But law firms must ensure they are done consistently so that you collect all of the key online evidence and comply with the legal ethics rules when doing so.

Your law firm likely has an attorney, paralegal, or staff member who is great at conducting these investigations; but they can only conduct so many investigations in so many cases at one time. Your law firm likely also has other attorneys who are less experienced in conducting social media investigations, which means that they may be missing out on key evidence for their cases or could inadvertently violate the legal ethics rules when doing so. Your law firm needs a scalable, standardized process for conducting social media and web information in each and every one of your cases in order to continue being a leader in your field.

How to Scale Your Social Media Investigations?

How can you scale and standardize your social media investigations and web collection process?…by working with SMI Aware. SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts can standardize the process for social media investigations in every case across your entire firm.

By leveraging SMI Aware’s proprietary technology and software, they can standardize the process by using the same tools, same methods, same process, and the same ethical compliance in each and every one of your cases. This means that your law firm is going to source all of the social media information and web collections it needs to defend against your cases. Contact us today to learn how SMI Aware can standardize and scale the social media investigation and website collection process for your law firm.