Employees Behaving Badly: Caught on a Selfie!

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It’s National Selfie Day! The “selfie” phenomena started in 2010 when Apple launched a self-facing camera on the iPhone 4. Needless to say that the vast majority (if not all) smartphones today have this technology and an industry has developed around it. Selfie-sticks are the most popular product, but there are also Selfie Snap Remote Shutters, PopSockets, and more! Even Merriam-Webster has included the term on their website:

Source: merriam-webster.com

Selfies are all over the social web and when SMI analysts conduct their investigations, they can often become evidence. Web and Social Media research can bring incredible insight to help attorneys, insurance investigators, and other professionals make informed decisions. For this reason Legal and Insurance professionals are not new to the type of claims that can easily be debunked by having an expert research and curate web content.

In celebration of National Selfie Day and since we can’t share actual examples, our team has put together a fun way to show how photographic evidence can help detect fraud and assist legal pros in their cases. We’ve re-created at the SMI Headquarters, a gallery of images that show social media evidence caught employees breaking the rules in the workplace. Hope you have fun going through the pics!

Drinking on the job

smi aware drinking on the job

… and subsequently sleeping on the job

Watching Netflix on the job

Relaxing on the boss’ desk

Vaping on the job

Wasting time by the water-cooler

Doodling during meetings

Bringing unauthorized (dangerous) animals to the job

When working from home looks like this

Playing Spider on the job

Building forts on the job

Playing around on the job

Brining dangerous items to the job

Whatever the that is… on the job or elsewhere

Hope you enjoyed browsing through these pics as we did creating them!




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