Conducting Social Media Investigations is the Key to Bellwether Trials

bellwether trial

Mass tort and multi-district litigation cases more and more often require bellwether trials to determine how a likely jury is going to assess these massive claims. Is your law firm giving your client the best chance of success of predicting the outcome in these bellwether trials?

Having your attorneys and paralegals conduct these social media searches could be cost-prohibitive

As advocates, we have a responsibility to predict the likely outcome of our client’s cases and advise them of their chances of success and the risks. Bellwether trials give us the opportunity to see how a likely jury will evaluate the facts, assess liability, and award damages. But in order for these bellwether trials to work, they need to be as accurate as possible. That’s why we need to conduct these bellwether trials as if we’re going to trial across the country in these massive cases.

Social Media Investigations in Bellwether Trials

Each bellwether trial needs social media investigations into prospective plaintiffs, witnesses, and prospective class members in order to prepare a case to the jury in a manner that will give our clients the best chance of success. You also need to collect, preserve, and analyze this social media information so that you know it could be admissible at trial.

While this evidence is necessary, having your attorneys and paralegals conduct these social media searches could be cost-prohibitive. If your attorneys and paralegals are conducting hundreds or thousands of prospective social media searches as part of a class action or mass tort case at their current billable hourly rates, it’s going to make it cost-prohibitive for your client. So, how can your law firm give your client the absolute best chance of success of predicting a likely outcome during a bellwether trial, while also not breaking the bank by having your attorneys and paralegals conduct hundreds, if not thousands of searches? The answer is working with SMI Aware.

SMI Aware is the Go-to Resource for Social Media Investigations

SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts will collect the evidence that your law firm needs to defend against these massive class action cases. SMI’s proprietary software can review thousands of social media profiles, plus have a human element to assess these profiles in a cost-effective manner. Best of all, SMI can save your clients tens of thousands of dollars in billable hours by not having your attorneys and paralegals conduct these searches. Instead, they can focus on what they do best, which is preparing your defense to these bet-the-company cases.

Best of all, you potentially save your client millions of dollars in a potential settlement by being able to accurately predict the outcome. By limiting your class size with proper social media investigations, you can significantly limit the amount of a potential settlement in the event your law firm determines that is the best outcome to resolve their dispute. So, what are you waiting for? Contact SMI Aware today to learn how your class action defense law firm can be the hero in your next bellwether trial. 

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