Continuing legal education (CLE)

CLE consists of required ongoing education for attorneys after they have been admitted to the Bar in order to retain legal licensure. Depending on the location, CLE is also known as mandatory or minimum continuing legal education (MCLE). There is no national CLE accreditation. However, in all jurisdictions, attorneys may seek accreditation by providing passing grades from recognized CLE, MCLE, or continuing professional development courses, submitting an application, and possibly paying a fee.

Free CLE Ethics Credit from SMI Aware

CLE credits for Ethics courses are typically among the most difficult for attorneys to obtain.  SMI Aware is proud to offer a free CLE Ethics course approved by the CLE Board. The course, entitled Ethical Web and Social Media Discovery and Education, provides a maximum of 1.00 CLE credit. The one-hour presentation is designed to highlight the risks and challenges of utilizing the web for legal discovery. The fast-moving hour covers a range of topics, including surface web searches versus searching the dark web, social media demographics, source code, and metadata. At the end of the hour, participants have the opportunity to ask questions and provide their evaluation of the instructor and the course presentation.

Schedule Future CLE Ethics Training 

Required Ethics CLE training is among the most important training for all attorneys. It’s a smart strategy to take advantage of any opportunity to obtain CLE ethics credit. Attorneys in the Pittsburgh area recently had the opportunity to obtain free ethics CLE training through the firm of Dickie McCamey, Attorneys at Law. 

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