Are E-Discovery and Litigation Support Companies the Right Choice for Social Media Investigations?

Have you seen that e-discovery and litigation support companies are now offering online investigations for law firms? Also, other companies are licensing software as a service to law firms to handle their own collections. Are you confident that these are the right solutions for your law firm?

Nowadays, many different companies are starting to dip their toe into the water when it comes to social media and online investigations, including e-discovery and traditional litigation support type companies. These companies are terrific at conducting e-discovery services and litigation support, such as court reporting and depositions. But you might want to ask yourself how long have these companies been conducting social media and online investigations?

The risk with working with these companies is that social media investigations are likely one of more than a dozen different services that they offer. As a result, they often lack the internal expertise to do these social media investigations. Litigation support companies also likely lack their own proprietary software, which makes the process more expensive for your law firm.

“Low cost” options such as Software as a Service or “SaaS” companies are also licensing technology to a law firm to handle the collections themselves. While these tools may work for a while, these tools often break every time a social media platform updates their API. In other words, the software stops working until the licensor fixes the technology to comply the new social media site’s API (which happens all too often), and therefore leaves your law firm with a broken solution.

To make matters worse, when your company uses this a SaaS solution, it’s incumbent upon your attorneys and paralegals to do the social media searches and collections themselves. This distracts their time and energy from your case strategy and defenses to doing the detailed work that detailed social media investigations require. This can cost lots of time, energy, and effort and therefore makes a “low cost” licensed software solution significantly more expensive in the long run.

Doesn’t your law firm deserve to work with a social media and online investigation provider that exclusively handles these investigations and collections? Well, that’s SMI Aware.

SMI Aware has been doing only social media and online investigations for over the last 10 years. We have developed a proprietary software that we created, improved and refined over time to ensure your law firm receives best in class results time and time again. Best of all, SMI Aware’s team of independent social media investigation experts have been certified to do one job and one job only – to search, locate, and preserve social media and online investigations in each and every one of your cases in a defensible manner that complies with the ethics rules.

In other words, SMI Aware’s core business is exclusively social media and online investigations done in a way that produces terrific results and saves your law firm, or in-house counsel, time, energy, expense, and headaches – because you know it’s going to be done right.

If your law firm deserves to work with an online and social media investigation provider that has a track record of success for over a decade, then you need to work with SMI Aware.

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